Manimal Training Camp

Fitness & Nutrition Camp in New York

Release Your Inner Beast

Change Your Life Today With A Fitness Vacation That Takes You From Average To Savage

What We do

Get Back To Your Primal Nature With The Camp That Has It All

One on one guidance from a professional MMA fighter, a team of coaches and nutritionists that coach you every step of the way towards a more fit, nutritious, and grounded lifestyle.

“It’s time to lift heavy shit, eat steaks, and punch things.”

John “The Manimal” Beneduce

Instruction From Professionals

Our world-class human craftsman, John Beneduce, will provide in-depth instruction on how to get stronger and healthier. Get away from it all and focus on yourself for a weekend in order to jump-start your goals.

Train With Us

We equip you with the knowledge you need to implement lasting changes into your life that will help you overcome stress and become healthy.

See Yourself Here

Get Away From Your Routine And Fix What’s Not Working

Mind + Body Connection

We do more than just swing kettle-bells & grill steaks over an open flame. We change your mindset. We understand you must change your thinking for new habits to stick.


Change Your Relationship With Food

Ever get bored and open your refrigerator door “just to peek inside.” It’s time to get off auto-pilot. Give us two days and we will fundamentally change the relationship you have with food.

Structured Daily Schedule

Yes, you’ll be on a structured schedule. Your days, workouts, and meals are pre-planned with the purpose of helping you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Lasting Lifestyle Change

Never lose the knowledge you gained. We show you how to make this new lifestyle work for you when you get back into the “real world.”

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