With so much going on in life it is easy to get caught up in our own heads. We often feel we don’t have the support to achieve our goals. Sometimes we feel overworked and like we can never “catch” up. If we could just get some help…

Well, I just want to help. I want to provide the most value I can. I know many people are struggling with their health, fitness and mindset. I believe a guide is only as good as the depth of his exploration. If that is the case I’ve been anywhere and everywhere in the health, fitness and personal development fields over the past 2 decades. From falling gym class every year in high school to winning as a pro fighter at Madison Square Garden for Bellator MMA at almost 40! Oh, not to mention at a weight class 120 pounds less then when I began working out.

Forget about me, I want to help you! I want to raise the level of the entire world! I want to guide in bringing out the best in the worst and making the most of everything you already have. All the pain, failures, setbacks, transformation and victories have deepened my understanding. My approach now is simple, being distilled from every system from MMA, weightlifting, strongman, crossfit, kettlebells, mace, energy healing, rune work, psychology and history to be able to guide each person on their own individual path to greatness.

Manimal Training Camp has affected deep transformations in people’s lives. I like to start with the physical, but through that process we get to the mind and the spirit. Enabling some who were ready to give up to turn around and have more inside them then they ever imagined. We don’t just help people lift heavier, punch harder and look better naked. We help them set up a battle strategy for life. Ways to recover physically and mentally. Ways to connect with our inner primal nature’s.

If you don’t need help. That is amazing. Personally after I failed at CF Bayside I did my best to seek out the best coaches and guides for myself. The best surround themselves with the best.

If you need some help and guidance I always offer a FREE 15 minute coaching call to see if there is a way I can be of service.