Everyone is in a panic. The world health organization has declared a state of emergency. People are being quarantined. Fear and doubt has creeped in across the globe.

Have no fear! We have found the cure! Manimal Training Camp!

Our transformational health and fitness retreat is fast approaching and we guarantee anyone who commits to being stronger, healthier and more resilient will crush the corona virus wherever it is found.

More over we will help prevent the leading causes of death in the USA— over 1 million people die yearly of obesity related diseases.

Much of this panic is overrated and unfounded. The death toll is far less then Other things we do on a daily basis. 1.25 MILLION people die in car accidents every year but we aren’t banning driving? Almost 1 million people die of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, but no one is putting down the treats! All of them easily preventable by leading a healthier life.

The real danger with the Corona virus is the mass hysteria it is causing. People are giving up their freedoms due to an irrational fear of death from an unlikely source. How damaging is altering doing what you love because of something that kills less people then getting struck by lightning? You statistically far are more likely to win the lotto!!!

This feels like the start of a dystopia to me, but at Manimal training camp we will not only train you to be stronger, healthier and more resilient, but also to be Untamable, to not let others keep you oppressed. We fight against the government and society keeping us weak, docile and easily controlled!

So take a stand against the biggest preventable causes of death and disease in America! At Manimal Training Camp we will teach you a lifetime of lessons of training. Nutrition and mindset distilled into an epic weekend where you can get away and focus on yourself.

On a serious note if you do need help training from home schedule an online coaching call with me to see how you can make the best of the situation- SCHEDULE VIDEO COACHING CALL