Physically we have all been limited during this time. Whether we like it or not many places are closed temporarily or might close for good. We might be working from home now or not working at all.

Despite all the physical restrictions being placed on us, I am increasingly worried about the mental health effects of everything going on around us. Our reality starts in our psyche. What we observe is interpreted to make sense to us. If you have ever taken biology you probably know that we even see everything upside down and our brain interprets this data and sends it to our “brain” right side up.

All of our senses are therefore an interpretation of what we perceive and observe. What does that have to do with being in a good place mentally? Everything!

It is no secret I have struggled with mental
Illness in myself and many of my closest friends throughout my life, after all you don’t get the nickname “Manimal” from being really conservative and proper! Over the last few years I have really focused on making sure “home base” was solid. I took the time to work on my entire being. Not just the physical, or mental or emotional. You really are doing a disservice to yourself if you think you can work one without covering the other aspects of your being.

I am increasingly alarmed about rising suicide rates due to the far reaching effects of this pandemic. I am concerned about the irreparable social damage. How can we mitigate these thoughts in our head about the futility of our actions?

Suicide often comes along with thoughts of helplessness and the loss of agency over our actions. I know when I was close to the end I felt helpless. I felt all my power had left me, all of my agency over my own life was gone.

When we lose freedom we often lose our desire for anything else. But freedom starts with the self. Remember the quote “4 walls does not a prison make nor iron bars a cage!” Even before these events you may have been a prisoner in your own mind. Observing everything has something that Is taking away your power.

I realized that once I focused on the foundation. Myself. My body. My mind. My emotions. My own reactions to outside events I Began to feel free. While I am upset about the situation of the world, the uncertainty of the economy, the problems in the medical system, and the taking away of many constitutional rights of freedom. No one can ever take away my freedom over my own thoughts. Over how I treat myself.

In order to have freedom you need to have a belief in something greater then your current self. For some that is a deity or “the universe” for others it just may be belief in your future self and your ability to improve, overcome or adapt to any situation.

Once you believe in something you will be able to find yourself in a better spot. My personal motto is “make the best of the worst. The most of the least!” I have done that every step of life. I was given some of the worst raw materials for an athlete, I’m like 2’ tall. I was obese and had all kinds of physical issues, no money, and massive losses.

But what kept me going was my belief to turn things around. To always have a chance for transformation. Now in these uncertain times I am even more willing and able to help anyone who needs it!

I am here to help if I can so Schedule a free call to talk about anything related to health and fitness. That includes your mental health and fitness more now then ever!