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Getting out of shape?

There’s a lot of reasons people get out of shape as they age. Lingering injuries or other issues might make it impossible to maintain your old regime. Even if you’re injury-free, there’s no arguing that keeping up with family life and a demanding job makes it hard to fit in exercise. And, of course, one indulgence too many may end up causing some noticeable weight gain.

However, sliding out of fitness doesn’t mean you can’t slide back in at any time. It’s just a matter of finding a method that integrates well with your current lifestyle. The Manimal Training Camp Online is the perfect solution to get people 30-35 and over feeling like their old self again.

What to Expect

Why Use An Online Fitness Program?

The problem

Let’s look at the reasons why some fitness training programs end up not having the effects people want:

  • They aren’t customized to meet each person’s needs/goals
  • They don’t keep up with the recommended pace/workouts
  • They have a lack of dieting support

Our solution

Our online program helps circumvent all of these problems. You can pick and choose what content you choose to follow in terms of workouts based on your bodily limitations as well as where you are looking to improve. Working with videos online allows you to work out at your own pace and really push your limits, rather than having to find time to head to the gym while juggling your daily tasks. Finally, you can look at supplementary resources in order to find some dieting advice to further your goals.

What We Have To Offer

When it comes to online fitness programs for people over 30-35, Manimal Training Camp Online is a perfect custom fit for your needs. We start by determining your Animal Archetype to match you to the workout routines that will help you best, then we supply live/on-demand workouts and a robust information base to put you on the path back to fitness. Here’s a look at what our three main pricing bands offer:

We’re looking forward to helping you get back in the driver’s seat for your personal fitness. Reach out to us today to get started.