A Transformational Experience You Get To Take Home With You

No more excuses

Training For Men And Women

Make a commitment to change your health and we will be your guide, motivation, and support. We are a fitness retreat where you will SWEAT, REJUVENATE, LEARN, and CHANGE.

Mind + Body Connection

We do more than just swing kettle-bells & grill steaks over an open flame. We change your mindset. We understand you must change your thinking for new habits to stick.


Change Your Relationship With Food

Ever get bored and open your refrigerator door “just to peek inside.” It’s time to get off auto-pilot. Give us two days and we will fundamentally change the relationship you have with food.

Structured Daily Schedule

Yes, you’ll be on a structured schedule. Your days, workouts, and meals are pre-planned with the purpose of helping you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Lasting Lifestyle Change

Never lose the knowledge you gained. We show you how to make this new lifestyle work for you when you get back into the “real world.”

What to Expect

You Gotta Go Away To Come Back

Never More than 12 Guests

We keep our class size small so you get the attention and focus you need. No two people are the same, so we work with you as an individual and modify the program to fit you.

100% All-Inclusive Costs

Manimal Training Camp is one of the only programs in the world that is truly all-inclusive. Our pricing is straight-forward with no hidden costs. You can leave your money at home.

Personalized Nutrition For The Modern Mammal

From counting calories, understanding carbs, and using the latest apps to track your progress we show you how the modern animal lives.

Train Alongside MMA Fighters

Ever wanted to spar with a professional boxer – or grapple with a jiu jitsu fighter? Now’s your chance! John invites MMA fighters from training camps in the Northeast to train in parallel with the group.

You Get Started, We’ll Keep You Going Strong

Walk away from the experience with:

1. A tailored fitness and workout plan that integrates into your busy schedule & addresses your past injuries, strength level, and exercise preferences.

2. A customized meal plan specific to your work habits, daily commute, caloric needs, lifestyle goals, and body type.